Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Immodium, Ibuprofen and a flight to Cairo

Below is a short review of the last 24 hours:

Arrived at the airport, running late and a bit hot and cold.
Checked in really easy at the desk then walked through to departures.
Choices. Choices. Beer, wines, sandwiches, hot meals, shopping and lots of people. Chose water and tablets.
Drink water ans take tablets.
By this time I had lots of emails to send, but honestly felt unable to be bothered.
Food (no food).
Lots of watér.
Film (rubbish)
Landing (bumpy)
Visa (no money)
Cash machine for money
Visa (money hurray)
Baggage (one hour wait)
Taxi to hotel (seat belt but no buckle)
Hotel (check in)
Hotel (still checking in - asked if I wanted a double or twin. Decided on double, then pursueded to take a twin as it had a Nile view that is impossible to see)
Hotel (sleep)
Sleep (maximum 45 minutes at a time)
Wake up (every 45 minutes)
Meet Haleem and drive to Suez
Drive to suez (long drive - seat belt hurray)
Have meeting (4 hours)
Get dizzy and thirsty
Drive to Cairo (long drive)
Have tea (soup)
Back to hotel
Phone work (talk sternly to people)
Read (book)
Watch football (Espania 1-0)
Go to room (turn down aircon - too cold)
Try to do poo (No! immodium still working)
Go to sleep
Wake up
Phone call from Christof (painting the kitchen - her not me)
Write blog
More sleep.

Thank goodness for Blogger to allow me to record the most important records.